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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Inglewood & Perth

Dr Lauren adjusting patientPregnancy should be a highlight in a woman’s life, but pain and discomfort can make it anything but for some. Chiropractic care may increase space in the pelvis for the baby, so optimal positioning can be achieved. Better function in the pelvis and sacrum helps prepare the woman’s body for birth.

How Chiropractic Helps

Why should a pregnant woman see a chiropractor? During pregnancy the strain on the Mum’s joints and muscles, changes in posture and centre of gravity, and pressure from an enlarged abdomen are substantial. As the pregnancy progresses, hormonal changes loosen the ligaments that support the pelvic region. If her body is thrown off balance, a vertebral shift may occur, causing pain.

We suggest women come to see us as soon as they know they’re pregnant, but chiropractic may help at any stage of the process. Our INSiGHT™ scans are a great source of information, allowing us to safely and effectively measure the function of the nervous system, which is vital to have in balance during pregnancy.

Pain and discomfort, especially in the third trimester, are fairly common. Our aim is to prep our mums, so they’re in the best possible shape for birth and beyond. We want you to have a better, more comfortable pregnancy with less pain.

Dr Lauren consulting with patient

Your Care Plan

As with any patient, our doctors will discuss your medical history, including any past pregnancies, and what goals you have for this one. Adjustments during pregnancy are gentle, at no point putting any pressure on the baby. Our doctors utilise the Webster technique, a special adjusting technique designed especially for balancing the sacrum and associated ligaments during pregnancy.

There’s nothing strenuous about your adjustment; we only do what you’re comfortable with. We have pregnancy pillows for your comfort, and our adjustable Hylo table can easily lower you from standing upright down to an adjusting position.

Having an adjustment relieves discomfort (back, pelvic, hip/sciatica, round ligament pulling, rib discomfort and more) as your body changes during pregnancy, and prepares for labour and delivery. Making sure mum is comfortable and pain-free is good for her and the baby.

We personalise and adapt your care plan to you. We give you what you need, and are comfortable with, for the best results. The frequency of visits depends on the patient. If we find issues, as care is beginning, our doctors will need to see the woman more frequently. Once the symptoms have been relieved, visits will reduce until later in the pregnancy.

Pregnancy and The Pelvis Workshop

This workshop covers everything expecting women should be avoiding and doing to optimise the balance of their pelvis, and minimise pain and discomfort during pregnancy. This workshop is hands on and includes information for birth support partners as well.

Learn More Today

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact us today, we want you to experience the best possible pregnancy.


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